The Idol of Iblis

A brass idol worshipped by the Al Sufah ghoul clan.


The precise limits of its powers are unknown.
It is a direct link of sorts to the power and will of “Iblis”.
It can serve as a Focus Item of up to +6 Power or Complexity for most forms of Dark Magic, and there is an affinity for Fire associated with it. While it could also provide some assistance with Control, this would be limited to something like +3.


No explanation of the Idols origins has been given, but it could have been cast in the Legendary City of Brass.

It takes the form of an, at first glance, ungainly lump of solid brass – possibly a piece of impressionist or abstract art.
Closer examination reveals suggestions in its shape of wing-like structures, facial features, claws, folds implying robes and such.

The Idol was stolen in 2011 from the Lair of The Al Sufah Ghoul clan, by sorcerers from the Oath of Light order. It was, however, recovered shortly thereafter during a raid by RASA agents, and returned to the Al Sufah clan in exchange for an Oath of Loyalty to the Royal House of Denmark, and with the proviso that strongly improved security measures be instituted around the Idol.

The Idol of Iblis

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