Gunnar Bortes Service pistol

An apparently cursed or enchanted pistol

weapon (ranged)

Serves the user as a standard Weapon 1 pistol with a range of 2 zones
Will trigger the Catch of some supernatural entities: Demons, Ghosts and Fae confirmed.
Possessed individuals do not however have their Catch triggered, if applicable.

Once ownership of the pistol is transferred to a person it will ALWAYS return to the user somehow (an at least Epic level effect considering it’s apparently unlimited range) – which will occur through a series of, often strange, coincidences – and he or she becomes unable to dispose of it until permanent ownership is transferred to another user.
Transferring ownership has in the past only happened at the incumbent user’s death.


There are no distinguishing marks or features to this standard Walther PPK pistol.
It has been the official service weapon of the head of RASA (currently Gunnar Borte) since the Department’s inception, and ownership has been transferred upon the previous owner’s death (or maybe resignation.)
The origins of this curse or enchantment is currently unknown, nor has it been successfully blocked.

Attempts to requisition a different service weapon have always failed, usually through coincidences (like paperwork getting lost) or budgetary arguments by superiors.

Gunnar Bortes Service pistol

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